The Great American West

Stunning views and wildlife like you've never seen before.

The Great American West

The Great American West! Spanning six great states, this diverse region is the ultimate destination for road trips, wildlife and adventure holidays. You’ll experience the incredible great outdoors, rich native cultures, breathtaking national parks, and exhilarating experiences alongside some of the freshest farm-to-fork dining and laid-back locals.

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Six Wild States


With endless possibilities, let’s start in the far west. Idaho is not only a gateway to Teton National Park and the mighty Yellowstone, but also home to massive waterfalls, pristine rivers, lavish lakes, and miles of scenic byways. This is the ideal place to roll down the windows, feel the cool breeze, and experience the best of the true wilderness while you sweep through the mammoth mountains and valleys.


Montana is a nature-filled paradise, where water is the lifeblood and mountains are the playground. This magnificent state is all about big skies and open spaces, filled with the wonders of nature. From the great Rocky Mountains to the rolling prairies of the east, this is nature’s playground waiting for you to explore. One of the largest states in the US, Montana, contains more wildlife than people.


The Wild West is well and truly alive in Wyoming. With a gateway to Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park, this is where the rugged wilderness, wildlife, perfect peaks, and natural beauty come together, creating endless opportunities for nature lovers.


Utah boasts nothing less than five iconic National Parks! Zion National Park is Utah’s oldest; it offers many diverse hiking trails with incredible canyons and spectacular views. Bryce Canyon National Park, Arches National Park, Canyonlands and Capital Reef National Park are as diverse as the surrounding landscape. You will be spoilt for choice for Outdoor adventures in Utah.

North Dakota

As the gateway to the renowned Badlands, North Dakota is an archaeological dream with millions of years of history at your fingertips. Some of the rock pillars along your adventures offer sites of prehistoric fossils, a history-lovers dream. The natural splendour and animals, including bison and prairie dogs, are a true Great American West experience.

South Dakota

South Dakota is where nature and man combine, offering monumental works, including the beautiful Black Hills and the Badlands to Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse Memorial. For history lovers, the Mammoth Site is a once in a lifetime with a museum and indoor dig site with the largest concentration of mammoth fossils in the world. Additionally, the Badlands present dramatic and colourful peaks and canyons, reminding you once again that the Great American West is a true gem.


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Learn More about the Great American West

  • How many days do you need to explore the Great West?

    There’s much to explore here, so this will largely depend on how much you want to cover. We recommend 08-10 days to soak in a few National Parks, iconic sights and the main cities of a few states.

  • When is the best time of year to visit the Great West?

    We typically recommend people travel from Spring to Autumn. The region has several mountains, and most states are high up in the Northern hemisphere, so you can expect cold winters and lots of snow. Several ski and snowboard resorts are present in some states and are an excellent option for a Christmas holiday.

  • What's the best way to see the Great West?

    The large variety of National Parks and outdoor activities makes this region perfect for a road trip, either by car or RV. Most of the cities here are not very big, and there’s plenty to do and see, so you’ll appreciate the freedom of driving.

    Alternatively, if you don’t feel like driving, there are great ways to admire the natural beauties by taking on an Escorted tour or a Rail trip. You’ll still cover the best spots and restaurants while not worrying about driving -so you can enjoy a glass of wine or beer whenever you like.

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