Best Mediterranean Cruises 2023

The Mediterranean region is one of the most beautiful and most visited regions in Europe and indeed the world. In fact, according to Grid Arendal, the Mediterranean Basin, if taken as one whole area, was the largest tourist destination on the planet, accounting for almost a third of total international tourists over the course of a year, with estimated tourist numbers reaching as high as 500 million by the year 2030.

From the glistening waters of the Italian coast to the seemingly endless number of Greek islands to explore, you will not run out of reasons to love the Mediterranean. The one problem is that the area is so big, that it can be hard to do everything you want to do while you’re there. That is why a cruise can be a fantastic opportunity to discover multiple places in a short space of time. And American Holidays have some amazing deals for 2023 that will allow you to experience the beauty of the Mediterranean. Here are some of the best Mediterranean cruises in 2023.

Visit Spain, France, and Italy – Western Mediterranean Cruise

Barcelona & Rome Stay with 7 Night - Barcelona

This nine-night western Mediterranean cruise is one of our most popular cruises for 2023. It’s a perfect way to explore some of Europe’s most beautiful coastal towns and cities. You’ll start in Barcelona, where you’ll have two nights to enjoy the Catalonian city, the perfect start to your adventure on the Med.

You will then set sail for the island of Palma de Mallorca before moving  on to France’s oldest city, Marseille where you’ll experience the beauty of Basilique Notre-Dame de la Garde, which dates back to the 19th Century.

Once you leave France, you’ll then continue your cruise in Italy where you’ll visit Pisa, Florence, Rome, and Naples. In these four beautiful cities, you’ll experience some of Europe’s most iconic sites such as Pisa’s famous leaning tower, Florence’s Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral, the towering Mount Vesuvius near Naples, and everything that Rome, the Eternal City, has to offer from the Vatican City, the Trevi Fountain, and of course the Colosseum. It’s then back to Barcelona for your final stop.

Visit Greece and Italy – Greek Islands and Italian Cruise

Rome stay and 11 nights Mediterranean cruise - Sicily

Two of the most historically significant civilisations come from Greece and Italy in the form of the Greek and Roman Empires respectively. This Greek and Italian cruise will allow to you discover the myths and stories from both across this weeklong Mediterranean cruise.

The Greek capital of Athens marks the starting point of this holiday, where you’ll get a night to explore the city’s famed architecture and discover the legacy of culture the Ancient Greeks left behind. You’ll then travel to Santorini and it’s dazzling sunsets, sparkling sea-views, and breath-taking cliffs. After Greece, you’ll be whisked away to Kotor, Montenegro for more incredible scenery and architecture.

Then it’s on to Italy where you will take in the idyllic scenery and rich culture of both Sicily and Capri, islands completely surrounded by the Med’s glistening water. You will also visit the city of Naples where you will experience the most authentic Italian food, culture, and art as well as seeing the ruins of Pompeii up close and personal. Once your Italian adventure is over, you’ll sail to Barcelona.

Visit Greece, Montenegro, and Italy – Eastern Mediterranean Cruise

Venice Stay and 7 nights Mediterranean cruise - Venice

Discover the beauty of the Eastern Mediterranean with one of the hottest cruise offers of 2023. You’ll begin your holiday in the unique and beautiful city of Venice in Northeast Italy. You will have the opportunity to explore the cities winding streets, bridges, and canals by foot or by gondola.

After Venice, you will sail to Kotor, Montenegro from stunning views of its mountains and sparkling sea water. It’s then time for some island hopping, beginning with Corfu, one of Greece most romantic islands. You’ll spend some time on the mainland in the ancient capital of Athens where you can immerse yourself in Ancient Greek history and culture. After Athens you’ll set back out to sea before arriving at Mykonos, an island with a buzzing nightlife. Your last stop will take you to Argostoli Kefalonia for a last glimpse at the idyllic scenery that Greece has in abundance, before returning to Venice.

Discover More

If you want to explore more of Spain and the beautiful cities it has to offer, you might a Mediterranean cruise that will bring you to Barcelona, Valencia, and Ibiza, as well select coastal regions in Italy and France. Read more here.

These are just some of the amazing deals that we have to offer. You can find even more by visiting our special cruise offers.  Start your Mediterranean adventure today with the click of a button!

By Astrid Bell

Cruise Product Manager

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