Best Bars in Cancun

7th July 2017

Let’s get ready to party! These are our picks for the best bars in Cancun!

Cancun, located in south-eastern Mexico, is a vibrant city. Recognised for its white sandy beaches, crystal clear sea and incredible nightlife, it boasts some of the best bars on the planet. In many bars, employees are known to spend quality time socialising and entertaining the visitors, which makes for a more intimate experience. Whether you want to hear salsa, techno, reggaetón, rock or hip-hop Cancun has it covered.  This destination has an overwhelming list of lively and energetic bars to choose from. In this blog our travel expert Kristin tells us what she considers to be the best bars in Cancun.

Congo Bar

This cosy open-air venue is situated right in the heart of Cancun’s Party centre, the Hotel Zone. At the Congo Bar anything goes. With no official dance floor, everyone pretty much dances everywhere and anywhere they can.

best bars in cancun

The bar is open on two-sides which allows you to see all the excitement, even before you step foot inside. Expect go-go dancers, shot girls and a lot of confetti to surround you. Grab a drink and dance the night away – on your table or even on the bar if you like!

Las de Guanatos

Las de Guantos is a local favourite, located in the Cancun’s most popular downtown area, Toros (bullring) and is one of the best bars in Cancun.  Live music is played throughout the weekend, which draws movers and shakers from all over Cancun.

best bars in cancun

Guanatos is known for its delicious “tortas ahogadas” (baguette sandwiches mustered in savory sauce) and “micheladas” (beer cocktails). Kick back and relax at Las de Guanatos as you enjoy the local food, drinks and hospitality.

Carlos n’ Charlie’s

After a relaxing day of lazing in the sun and swimming in the Caribbean Sea, there is nothing quite like heading out for an evening of revelry. Go for food or head straight to the bars. There is never a dull moment at Carlos n’ Charlie’s – from the moment you enter it’s one big party.

best bars in cancun


Make sure you catch at least one of the three live shows that take place at this venue. This bar has live Brazilian music on Tuesdays, salsa on Fridays and live rock on Saturdays. The atmosphere is electric with members of the staff known to regularly jump up the stage to share some of their talents with the crowd.

The Black Pub

The Black Pub is a small and cosy venue located in downtown Cancun. This chic bar and restaurant is one of the most visited nightspots in Cancun because of laidback pub vibe and live music. Open from 1pm to 4am, the party really doesn’t stop ‘till the sun comes up.

best bars in cancun

If you plan to head there for dinner then make sure to call ahead and make a reservation. Ladies, swing by on Wednesdays when there are free drinks for females and additional drinks specials all night long.

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By Kristin Skinner

Travel Expert

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