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Caribbean Holidays

A holiday to the Caribbean is all about powdery white sandy beaches, delicious local cuisine, colourful cocktails and year round sunshine all set to the backdrop of those infectious reggae beats that waft across the island. Stay in luxurious all-inclusive resorts and spend your day lazing at the beach, partaking in thrilling water sports or relaxing and unwinding in the spa. Step out of your resort and discover vibrant Caribbean parties in Jamaica, enjoy the picturesque islands and cays of The Bahamas, sample the famous local tipple of rum in Barbados, the picture-postcard beauty of Antigua and the stunning natural beauty of St Lucia.

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Looking for the perfect Caribbean holiday – then look no further than The Bahamas! Made up of over 700 islands and 2,000 cays, The Bahamas is a Caribbean paradise, home to turquoise waters, powder white sand beaches, delicious local cuisine, friendly locals and is a great spot for anyone who loves water sports!

Holidays to The Bahamas

Most visitors to The Bahamas stay on one of the two main islands, Nassau or Grand Bahama but no matter where you choose to stay be sure to take the opportunity to do some island hopping! Exuma Island boasts stunning beaches and is home to the famous Swimming Pigs of The Bahamas. Andros Island is an excellent one to visit for anyone who loves diving and snorkelling as here you’ll find mesmerizing blue holes, excellent for diving, the world’s oldest dive shop, and the second largest coral reef in the Western hemisphere. On Harbor Island you’ll find picturesque Georgian architecture, marked by pastel-hued buildings, a laid back vibe and the iconic Pink Sands beaches. Eleuthra Island exudes luxury with glamorous resorts, massive coral reefs that create breathtaking backdrops, and miles and miles of beautiful secluded beaches. Long Island is another one popular with water sports enthusiasts. It hosts multiple shallow and deep dive sites and is most well known for Dean’s Blue Hole, the deepest recorded blue hole in the archipelago at over 600 feet. Friendly turtles and tiny sea horses come to the warm, saltwater pool, while the coral caves and sand banks on the side of the entrance harbor all types of tropical reef life, from colourful tropical fish to groupers and snappers.

Holidays to the Bahamas

A holiday to The Bahamas is going to involve lots of days on the beach, relaxing under the warm Caribbean sun and you’ll have plenty of beaches to chose from! Treasure Cay Beach on Abacos regularly tops ‘most beautiful beaches in the world’ lists, Cabbage Beach on Paradise Island is a great spot for snorkelling, jetskiing and waterskiing, The Tropic of Cancer Beach on the Exumas is the longest beach on the islands and is a great option if you are looking for a secluded spot, while if beach shack bars, Caribbean beats and a buzzing atmosphere then a day at Junkanoo Beach is just what you need!

Holidays to Bahamas

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Barbados is well known as one of the liveliest of the Caribbean islands. On your holiday to Barbados you can expect a warm Bajan welcome as you soak up the sun on pristine beaches, discover the islands rich history and culture, sample delicious Caribbean cuisine and of course, that world famous rum!

Holidays to Barbados

It’s well worth spending an afternoon exploring the capital, Bridgetown. Aside from having a great selection of shops and street markets, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is filled with fascinating historic sites to explore and is a riveting insight into Barbados’s cultural history. Here you can visit Charles Fort, the Parliament Buildings, George Washington’s House, as well as the recently discovered Garrison Tunnels. Finish your day enjoying sunset at the city’s harbour watching the fishing boats and catamarans sail by with a refreshing rum punch or dine at one of the local restaurants or bars.

Holidays to Barbados

Of course no holiday to Barbados would be complete without sampling the islands famous tipple! Barbados is considered the birthplace of rum and is still very much part of the Barbadian way of life. Mount Gay is the world’s oldest rum distillery and one of the top tourist destinations on the island, along with St Nicholas Abbey, another distillery where you can see the cane grinding mill in operation, or simply grab a rum punch and mingle with the locals at the numerous rum shops dotted about the island. Rum shops, which include London Bar, Hercules, Braddies and Lexies, are still the meeting places where locals gather to drink, gossip, listen to music and play dominos.
Friday night on the island and there’s only one place to be! Oistins Fish Fry is where locals and tourists alike gather for delicious food and one hell of a Caribbean street party! Elsewhere St Lawrence Gap is another great spot to dance the night away. A hub for reggae bars, calypso clubs and some of the best restaurants in the Caribbean.

Holidays to Barbados

A holiday to any Caribbean island means lots of time by the sea and Barbados certainly doesn’t disappoint boasting a pristine waterfront. Beach lovers will head straight for the Gold Coast on the western side of the island where you will be spoilt for choice with beautiful golden beaches backed by palm trees swaying in the cool breeze. On the beaches of Barbados you can take part in all sorts of watersports, go on a catamaran sailing or even swim with the turtles at Pebble Beach.

One of Barbados’s most unique experiences is exploring the subterranean world of Harrison’s Cave, a magical underworld of caverns, flowing streams, shimmering deep pools and towering columns You ride through 3 miles of tunnels and open areas—the Great Hall is 15 feet. high—all on an underground tram ride.

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The third largest of the Caribbean islands, holidays to Jamaica are popular for those looking for a truly unforgettable experience. Jamaica is a lively island paradise boasting white sandy sun stretched beaches, dotted with laid back beach bars serving up famous Jamaican jerk chicken to the sounds of the island’s renowned reggae music. Venture further inland and discover lush green rainforests, stunning natural springs and dramatic mountainous terrains to explore.

Holidays to Jamaica

On a holiday to the Caribbean you’ll want to enjoy white sandy beaches and Jamaica certainly doesn’t disappoint. With over 900km of coastline there are plenty of spots to soak up the sun by the ocean! Spend glorious days on Negril beach, also known as Seven Mile Beach, where the silky white sand and deep blue ocean views go on as far as the eye can see. Negril Beach has a carefree laid back vibe where you can chill out with a beer or get a beach side massage as the sounds of steel drums waft over the gentle sea breeze. If you prefer a day at the beach to be full of adventure, you can also avail of kayaking, jet skiing, glass bottom boat rides, horseback riding and lots more. For a day of complete relaxation, head to Doctors Cave, a tranquil beach where radios and vendors are banned so all you can hear is the sound of the crashing waves. Cornwall Beach in Montego Bay is close by and both beaches are a short trip from the Hip Strip where there are plenty of beach bars and restaurants available. Winnifred Beach is the place to go for snorkelling, Jamaican-style. The calm waters and easily accessible coral reefs here are perfect for exploring the colourful underwater world.

Holidays to Jamaica

Splendid beaches aren’t all that a holiday to Jamaica has to offer. Set out on rainforest adventures as you hike through lush jungle trails. Glide down the Rio Grande on a bamboo raft past bamboo and mango groves while sipping on refreshing coconut water for a unique Jamaican experience and of course take the chance to take a quick dip under the warm Caribbean sun.

Pay a visit to the Blue Mountains National Park, a 100,000 acre tropical rainforest. What’s the best way to explore the park? Channel your inner Cool Runnings dreams and take a bobsled ride 1,000m through the rainforest. No holiday to Jamaica is complete without climbing the 180m high Dunn’s River Falls, truly one of the most beautiful spots on the island and one of its national treasures. Chill out in the springs around the falls taking in the natural beauty all around you.

Holidays to Jamaica

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A tropical island, right in the heart of the Caribbean, holidays to Antigua are and unforgettable experiences. Boasting the best beaches of the Caribbean islands, you could in fact even visit a different one every day of the year as there are 365 beaches on the island. Antigua is also known as the sailing capital of the Caribbean and it’s marine history is still a key part of the island today.

Holidays to Antigua

Antigua is 108 square miles of picture postcard Caribbean beauty so why not hire a car and go exploring! Discover some of the islands beautiful beaches, where powdery white sand, sparkling blue waters and coconut laden palm trees are what you can expect to find.
Darkwood Beach is one of the best beaches on Antigua. Perfect white sand and crystal clear blue water stretches out in front of you and is the ideal spot for a chilled out, peaceful day by the sea. Colourful shacks that house beach bars dot the landscape and it’s just a short walk to nearby Turners Beach and Love Beach, two of the prettiest beaches on the island. Half Moon Bay and Coco Bay beaches are two more of the best beaches on Antigua.

Holidays to Antigua

Away from the beach, a visit to Shirley Heights is a must on any holiday to Antigua. The best time to climb Shirley Heights is either sunrise or sunset where you can take in stunning views of ever changing light as it dances across the sea in the English Harbour below. Sunday nights at Shirley Heights is the place to be! Mingle with locals and tourists as you enjoy a true Caribbean style party – think delicious barbeque food, rum punches, steel drum bands and night to remember!

Nelson’s Dockyard is another must visit. This UNESCO World Heritage site is the only remaining working Georgian dock in the world and a lovely spot to spend an afternoon exploring. The former Admirals house is now home to the Dockyard Museum and after a visit here it’s the perfect place to spend a chilled out afternoon watching the yachts sail through the water with a delicious rum punch in your hand!
St. Johns is the capital of Antigua and this picturesque town that’s a wonderful mix of candy-coloured buildings and Georgian architecture is central hub of activity on the island. Get a truly local experience by paying a visit to the Saturday morning market and browse the souvenirs and handcrafted items, or fresh goods and local spices. From St Johns you can also take a 90min catamaran ride to Barbuda, Antigua’s beautiful sister island which you’ll really enjoy taking a day to explore. Barbuda has several mysterious caves to explore as well as beautiful beaches and vistas to take in.

Holidays to Antigua

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Located in the Eastern Caribbean, St Lucia is a volcanic island that is a tropical haven for intrepid adventurers. Holidays to St Lucia boast stunning beaches, luxurious all inclusive resorts, glimmering Caribbean waters and of course that famous sunshine.

Holidays to St Lucia

If adventures in the sun is your idea of the perfect holiday then St Lucia is the Caribbean island for you. You’ll find as many water sports as your heart desires from kayaking and jet skiing to windsurfing and snorkelling. Parts of St Lucia’s coastal waters are protected marine areas, making them excellent diving spots for scuba divers to explore reefs, walls and even shipwrecks! Set sail on the beautiful blue waters on a boat trip to Marigot Bay, one of the most popular places to visit in St Lucia. This pretty bay is dotted with small beaches so pick your spot to relax for the day sipping on coconuts hacked straight from the tree for you before heading for a romantic sunset dinner by the beach.

Holidays to St Lucia

The island’s landscape is framed by the iconic Pitons – jagged emerald green volcanic peaks that soar magnificently over the St Lucia’s soft white sandy beaches, lush rainforests, astonishing volcanoes and secluded sandy coves. You’ll be eager to get exploring the beautiful unspoilt landscape of St Lucia. Zipline through the tropical rainforests flying high above the lush green canopy below that’s teeming with wildlife. Hiking the Pitons is another highlight of a holiday to St Lucia. Gros Piton and Petit Piton are the iconic symbols of the island. A designated UNESCO World Heritage site, these natural wonders live up to the hype and status. Whether you climb to the summit, dive down and explore the underwater cliffs, sail around them, or enjoy the view from the beach, it’s highly recommend you spend time by The Pitons.

Holidays to St Lucia

St Lucia is home to many plunging rainbow coloured waterfalls, the tallest of which is Sault Falls. Take a dip in the waterfall pools surrounded by stunning natural beauty or let the falling water massage your back! Toraille is another stunning waterfall that’s well worth a visit and nearby you’ll find sulphur springs where you can enjoy a natural mud bath experience in the mineral rich waters before washing off in the thermal pools and then cooling off under the waterfall. Finish off the experience with a visit to the world’s only ‘drive-in volcano’.

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