Miami Holidays

A vibrant paradise fronted by the golden sands of South Beach

Miami Holidays

Also known as the “Magic City”, Miami holidays will bring you to the epicentre of a hip urban culture as you experience laid-back seaside vibes combined with a party scene that is distinctively Latin yet has a real American flavour. South Beach’s selection of world famous clubs attract the biggest DJs as they spin their sets long into the night. Explore the districts of Midtown and Wynwood on your holiday to Miami and you will find many a trendy, hipster hangout. Downtown Miami has a much more-old school bar scene. Traditional Cuban music can be heard pretty much everywhere you go, adding to the cool ‘cultural melting pot’ vibe.

Miami is currently experiencing something of a cultural renaissance. Miami Beach’s Art Deco district is practically an open-air gallery in its own right. There’s a thriving, contemporary arts scene boosted by busy galleries such as the landmark Pérez Art Museum Miami. A cosmopolitan city with a laid-back beach lifestyle, natural beauty, an amazing dining scene and a warm, sunny climate – it’s hard to argue that a holiday to Miami is anything less than perfect.

A glamorous city that sways to its own unmistakable Latin rhythm, Miami is definitely Florida’s party town. But it’s not all beaches, bars and beats. The art deco hotels of Miami Beach, the natural splendour of the nearby Everglades and the amazing array of world class arts festivals are all worth your attention. Bristling with a feelgood spirit that permeates the throughout the city, Miami holidays mean every day is a party day and you’re definitely invited.

With warm sunshine 365 days a year, every day is a beach day when you visit Miami, Florida. You can simply chill out on the beautiful white sands, then hire a speed boat or jet ski and feel the wind in your hair out in the ocean. Snorkelling trips and scuba diving excursions are also popular as is shipwreck diving. If you’re more of a landlubber, there is still plenty to do on a Miami beach. Between beach volleyball, tennis courts, prime sunbathing areas and seaside shops, bars and restaurants, there’s so much that you can do on your Miami holiday without so much as having to leave the beach!

Crandon Park Beach is considered the best to go to if you are travelling with small children. It has its own playground complete with a large carousel and several well services picnic areas. Haulover Beach Park is a great spot for older couples as it has a more relaxed vibe than most Florida beaches and even has its own golf course. Those seeking adventure and thrills should check out Hobie Beach and Oleta River State Park, the best spots in Miami for windsurfing and kayaking respectively


The Florida Everglades are arguably the most awe-inspiring location in all of Miami. This 1.2-million-acre area of swamps, rivers and grasslands has remained relatively untouched by human interference for millions of years. As such, it is home to all sorts of fantastic looking animals, including the American alligator, the Floridian manatee and the majestic bald eagle. It is even possible to spot dolphins and small sharks as you explore the region.

Old school adventurers will no doubt love the Coconut Grove Kayaking Experience, which allows you to choose your own adventure and take your sightseeing into your own hands. However, for the ultimate Florida Everglades experience, we recommend the Everglades Airboat Adventure Tour. Not only does this fantastic tour allow you to see the wonderful wildlife of the Everglades, you will also be able to disembark and watch a wildlife show where you can get up close and personal with the alligators, and even get to hold a baby one!

As far as cuisine is concerned, in Miami you can eat the most delicious Latin American specialties every evening, drink exciting Havana cocktails at night and sip gourmet Cuban coffee during the day. With so many distinct cultures influencing Miami’s food and drink culture, it is only natural that the area boasts an eclectic and unique dining scene.

To get the most out of your Miami dining experience, you should consider taking the Little Havana Food and Walking Tour. Not only will you get to sample the many unique Cuban-infused flavours and recipes of the region, many of which have been passed down through multiple generations, you will also get a taste of the local culture, meeting resident musicians and cigar rollers as you go, and also paying a visit to Domino Park where you will learn all about the local community’s traditions and superstitions.