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Cape Cod Holidays
Cape Cod

As Patti Cage famously sang in 1956, “If you’re fond of sand dunes and salty air, quaint little villages here and there, you’re sure to fall in love with old Cape Cod”. Miss Cage’s lyrics still hold true to this day as Cape Cod holidays are seen as some of the best as far as beach going is concerned. With over 900 kilometres of coastline, over 60 km of which are on the famous Cape Cod National Seashore, there are more than 60 public beaches for sun lovers to explore.

The beaches of Cape Cod host a lot more than just sunbathing opportunities though. For those of us who like to add a bit of activity to our vacations, the expansive coastline is full of hiking and bicycle trails for ramblers, while the area’s 27 public golf courses are perfect for those who wish to add a spot of laid back sport to their relaxing holiday. If you feel the need to get some exercise out on the water itself, there are plenty of kayaking opportunities to be had up and down the coastline, while most beaches have a wide range of watersports and activities which can be signed up to.

Hiking trails, kayaking, paddle boarding and golf. Or just quietly enjoy the beautiful scenery. Collect seashells, search for tide pool creatures or sunbathe on Cape Cod’s golden beaches. Unspoilt dunes and secluded shorelines attract beautiful coastal wildlife and there is also some of the best whale-watching in the world. When you get tired of the beach, rent a bicycle and enjoy the glistening, coastal views. Then relax with a glass of wine and gorgeous Atlantic seafood. Shopping too can be a relaxing, whimsical experience. No big chain stores or malls here – just small boutiques, galleries and artisan studios to potter around at your leisure.

With Cape Cod extending out into the Atlantic Ocean, it should come as no surprise that the sea’s rich bounty is a huge draw for those seeking Cape Cod holidays. Sports fishing is a particularly popular pastime among locals and tourists alike. The Cape Cod Bay side of the Cape is a particularly good fishing spot as it is home to shoals of small bait fish, which in turn attract much larger varieties which are suitable for sports fishing. These include game fish species such as bluefish, striped bass and bluefin tuna. Those in search of even bigger game should take a trip on a chartered fishing boat from southern Cape Cod. From May until October, both marlin and the mahi-mahi fish (also known as the ‘dolphin fish’) can be found in these waters. They represent a much more challenging catch for experienced sports fishers.

Of course, fish aren’t the biggest creatures which inhabit the Atlantic waters off Cape Cod. Provincetown is home to the East Coast Whale Watching Fleet who patrol the National Marine Sanctuary. It is possible to join them on an expedition during whale watching season, when they guarantee whale sightings. The North Atlantic right whale is the most commonly sighted whale, while it is also possible to see the relatively small minke whale, the mysterious sei whale and the streamlined fin whale, the second largest animal on the planet, if you go out at the right time of year. While a lot of these whiles are migratory, meaning they don’t live here all year ‘round, there is always at least one species in the area. The Whale Watching Fleet will know where to find them, so you won’t end up disappointed on your excursion.

Back on land, and away from the area’s wildlife, Cape Cod has an abundance of beautiful museums to explore and enjoy. Perhaps the most well-known of these is the Provincetown Art Association Museum which is officially the most visited museum in the greater Cape Cod area. The museum’s galleries’ permanent collections host approximately 2,500 pieces of artwork which have been collected down through the years thanks to the generous donations of patrons. The Provincetown Art Association Museum will typically host 40 different exhibitions at any one time and they are updated regularly.

Another hot spot for museums is the town of Sandwich which is home to what is arguably the most beautiful museum in all of Massachusetts, the Heritage Museums and Gardens. The gardens themselves, which stretch out across 100 acres, are home to over 1,000 different types of plants and flowers, many of which are unique to this area, having been specially bred by fabled local flower expert Charles O. Dexter. The museum itself has three separate gallery buildings, each of which is dedicated to housing a unique collection (American automobiles, American folk art and rare carousel figures respectively), meaning there is something for everyone there.

The Glass Museum also calls the town of Sandwich its home. This museum specialises in beautifully crafted glassworks, most of which are created in the nearby Boston & Sandwich Glass Factory which was founded in 1825. The Glass Museum features a live glass blower exhibition, which allows visitors to see how these impressive and colourful glass sculptures are created.

If rest, relaxation and recreation are what you’re after, there aren’t too many places that do the job better than Cape Cod, Massachusetts!

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