Best time of year to visit Canada & Alaska

17th August 2017

Best time of year to visit Canada & Alaska

Discover the best time of year to visit Canada and Alaska

Experience Alaska and Canada at its absolute best! The good news is that you can travel to Canada and Alaska at any time of the year, as all seasons are beautiful in their own unique way. However, Summer time is the most popular time to visit both destinations and there are so many reasons why. In this blog, our travel expert Leah will share why the best time of year to visit Canada and Alaska is during the summer months.

Best time to visit Canada and Alaska

Alaska is located in the north-western part of Canada. Being in close proximity to each other, both destinations have similar climates. During the winter months, Canada and Alaska’s temperatures fall well below freezing and offer some of the best conditions in the world for winter sports. However, there is a drastic change in the summer months.

May to August is considered the best time to visit Canada and Alaska. During these months both destinations experience a pleasant, warm climate with little precipitation. Canada’s inland and coastal areas would typically experience hotter and longer days.

best time pf year to visit canada and alaska


Canada and Alaska are magnificent destinations, particularly as the regions flourish during the summer. Beautiful wildflowers, lush green forests and mild to warm temperatures make summer the perfect time to explore. The long bright days give visitors the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors of both destinations.


Canada and Alaska offer endless opportunities for excitement and fun. Travelling to Canada during the summer months can mean a shopping trip to Toronto, a scenic train ride through the Rockies or whale watching in eastern Quebec.

best time pf year to visit canada and alaska

In Alaska visitors can experience the world’s longest zipline, or paddle through icy fjords for an unforgettable getaway. Alaska’s glaciers are active and alive year-round. However, the warmer temperatures of the summer months cause the glaciers to calve and tumble into the sea. This is an extraordinary and powerful sight to witness.


Canada and Alaska are known for their vast areas of untouched wilderness, which are home to some amazing wildlife. Both regions have varied and exciting whale watching opportunities that you will not want to miss. In Alaska, minke, grey and humpback whales dominate, while in Québec there are thousands of beluga whales to be seen during the summer months.

best time pf year to visit canada and alaskaDuring this period animals come out of hibernation, so you are likely to spot some interesting creatures on your travels. Bear sightings are nearly inevitable during the summer months, they rise from their winter slumbers and become active as they hunt for food near running rivers and streams. Mother bears and their cubs tend to be out and about too. If you want to do a bear-watching shore excursion in Canada or Alaska, the prime time is late June or early July.

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By Ashling O Hara

Personal Travel Planner

Favourite Destination: Anchorage

Alaska is one of the most extraordinary regions in the United States and the best way to experience it at its fullest is with a cruise. You can sail from Vancouver, sunbathing on deck and enjoying the amazing sight of glaziers passing by all at the same time. The cruise takes in the ports of Ketchikan, Juneau and Skagway along the way and finishes up in Seattle, tech capital of the world. Best time to visit is during the summer months of June, July and August.