Things to do in Washington DC with kids

23rd August 2017

Things to do in Washington DC with kids that the whole family will love!

With so many museums, monuments and parks, Washington DC is a dream destination for both a history and a sightseeing holiday. If you plan to visit Washington and sightsee with the kids then it is imperative to visit places that will keep their attention with kid-friendly aspects, so everyone can enjoy DC. To help you with your holiday planning, here is a list of things to do in Washington DC with kids recommended by our travel expert Terry.

National History Museum

The National History Museum is one of Washington DC’s most kid-friendly museums. With a skeleton of a gigantic T-Rex in the dinosaur exhibit, and a 25-foot-long preserved squid in the ocean exhibit, kids and adults alike are sure to enjoy this museum.

things to do in washington dc with kids

For younger children, head to the discovery room to examine rocks and minerals under a microscope, or go out into the butterfly pavilion to walk along a garden which is home to live butterflies.

Escape Room

After a day of museums and sightseeing, make your trip unique by going to Escape Room Live in Georgetown. These riddle games are fun for the whole family as you try to escape the room before your time runs out.

Choose from being stuck on the Titanic or being an archaeologist trapped in an Egyptian tomb, and find your way out with clues and riddles. Put your heads together and bond during this interactive and fun activity.


Air and Space Museum

The air and space museum is a popular destination for kids of all ages. Parents enjoy reading up on the history of aviation, while children are entranced by the cool aircrafts hanging from the ceiling.

things to do in washington dc with kids

The museum also has interactive experiences like the simulator rides, planetarium shows, and science demonstrations. The Wright brother’s airplane, as well as Charles Lindbergh’s airplane, are both on display at DC’s Air and Space Museum.


Tidal Basin Paddle Boating

To put an interesting spin on the traditional monument sightseeing, take a paddle boat ride in the Tidal Basin. If you travel to DC March through to April, you can see the blooming of the cherry blossom trees while floating along the water.

things to do in washington dc with kids

During your voyage, you get to see the Thomas Jefferson, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Martin Luther King Jr. memorials. Parents will still get to enjoy these famous sights, and kids will stay happy and entertained by paddling around the water.

The International Spy Museum

At the International Spy Museum in DC, you can learn about spies and espionage throughout history, examine over 200 spy gadgets, and more. The idea of spies entertains kids, making this museum one of the best things to do in Washington DC with kids.

The interactive portions of the museum like Operation Spy, allow you to become a spy, decrypt audio messages, escape a high-security compound, and capture a suspect.


National Zoo

Zoos are a great family activity, and the National Zoo is always free of charge. Walk along the Asia trail to see the panda cub Bei Bei, or down to Amazonia to see the frogs and monkeys of the Amazon rainforest.

things to do in washington dc with kids

The National Zoo has over 6 restaurants, so your trip to the zoo can last however long you want it to. With over 1,500 animals and 320 different species, this zoo is certainly one of the best things to do in Washington DC with kids.

Washington Monument

The Washington Monument is one of the most iconic monuments in Washington DC, and kids often refer to it as the “giant pencil”. The greenery around the Washington Monument calls for some running around and relaxing, which will let kids burn off some energy before heading into the monument.

Taking an elevator up to the very top of the monument to get a bird’s eye view of the city, including the White House, is an exciting adventure that you will not forget.

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By Terry Sheehan

Reservations Manager

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