Beach Recommendations for Florida

1st September 2017

Beach Recommendations for Florida

Pack your bucket and spade – here are our beach recommendations for Florida

With 1,200 miles of coast, Florida has no shortage of white sands and clear blue waters for holidaymakers to enjoy. From beaches that feature laid back lifestyles, to beaches that thrive on luxurious atmospheres, you can be sure that Florida has a beach to meet any kind of traveller’s needs. To make your search for the ideal Florida beach holiday easier, here are our travel expert Orlagh’s beach recommendations for Florida, which are perfect for sunny days!

Siesta Key Beach

Siesta Key Beach has everything you could want in a beach holiday. This island off the gulf coast has sand that is almost pure quartz, staying cool on your feet no matter how bright the sun is.

beach recommendations for Florida

The expanse of sand and beach call for water sports and sand castle building during the day. At night, restaurants and shops are close by and a quick drive to the city of Sarasota will allow you to experience some of that famed Florida nightlife.

Clearwater Beach

As the name suggests, Clearwater beach has some of the softest sand and most inviting water that Florida has to offer. Because of this, parasailing, jet skiing, and dolphin cruising are all popular activities during long, relaxing beach days.

beach recommendations for Florida

Clearwater is ideal for families with its laid-back atmosphere and family-friendly resorts. The sunset at pier 60 is not something to miss in Clearwater beach. Whether you want to bait the line or walk along the craft markets, getting to the end of the pier for the sunset is a must.

Panama City Beach

When you book a stay during the months of May to October, Panama City Beach is one of the best beaches to be at in Florida. This beach gives you a wide stretch of amazing coastline with clear, calm waters. On jet skiing excursions, you can often spot dolphins and sea turtles gliding near the surface.

beach recommendations for Florida

The vast amount of white sand beaches with resorts that have bars and restaurants a few steps from the beach, allow for days made strictly for lounging around. With the local bars and restaurants comes a variety of live music, making this area full of fun and atmosphere.

Naples Beach

For a quiet and relaxing beach holiday that focuses solely on beaches and golfing, without other kinds of flashy distractions, Naples Beach is the place to go. Naples Beach is known for its world-famous golf courses, which is why many tourists flock to this part of Florida.

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Many Europeans visit or live in this Italian styled city, making this Florida town rich with international cuisine. The peaceful beaches that make up the Naples coastline are known for being some of the best in the USA, so whichever beach you choose to lounge at is sure to impress.

Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island has some of the most unique beaches in Florida. Running east to west, this island catches a huge amount of shells from the Gulf of Mexico, making it a famous destination for finding shells and sand dollars.

beach-recommendations-for-florida-4Kids and adults alike will have fun searching for the best ones. Nature and marine life are huge in Sanibel Island, with over half of the island being undeveloped, so hop on a tour to see the dolphins and manatees that frolic in the water. The family-owned restaurants and shops make Sanibel Island a low key and relaxing holiday spot.

South Beach

For more of a ‘see and be seen’ atmosphere, South Beach in Miami is the place to head to. With its glamorous boutiques, luxury hotels, and never-ending nightlife, South Beach gives you what you need for a fun-filled holiday.

beach recommendations for florida

South Beach’s Art Deco district is made up of incredible pastel-coloured buildings and other architectural structures from the 1920’s that deserve a visit from every tourist.

Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is a residential destination that offers so much more than the traditional beach holiday. This town is made up of canals and waterways that mimic those of Venice, where you can even take gondola rides.

beach recommendations for florida

One of our top beach recommendations in Florida – Fort Lauderdale Beach has over seven miles of pristine beach that is warm all year round, perfect for snorkelling and water sports. Las Olas Boulevard has all the unique shops, art galleries, restaurants and bars you could need to keep you entertained for your whole trip.

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By Orlagh Hogan

Personal Travel Planner

Favourite Destination: Florida

I have to say that my favorite destination would have to be Florida. You are almost guaranteed sunshine and with so much to do and see in one state it’s a holiday the whole family will enjoy. You could spend your entire trip theme park hopping, or just enjoy some R&R on the countless Florida beaches. For nightlife head to the hotels of South Beach, you never know who you might run into!