The Summit (NY – Good)

Set against the incredible backdrop of the New York City skyline, SUMMIT One Vanderbilt blends elements of art and technology within three levels of mind-bending multi-sensory immersive experiences, taking the concept of an “observation deck” to entirely new heights.

Explore three levels of mind-bending multi-sensory immersive experiences set atop the tallest commercial skyscraper in Midtown Manhattan.

SUMMIT Highlights:
o AIR: an immersive art experience that mixes transparency & reflectivity – an Instagram dream.
o REFLECT: a beautiful art installation by famous artist Yayoi Kusama.
o LEVITATION: two transparent glass enclosed skyboxes extending from SUMMIT – feel the bustle and hustle from 1,070 feet (325 meters) above the streets
o Spectacular 360 views of New York City and beyond available on all 3 floors of SUMMIT, including close ups views of the Empire State Building and the Chrysler building.
o ASCENT: a thrilling 12-story all glass elevator journey to the highest point of SUMMIT, 1210 feet above Midtown.