Top 10 US Cities for music lovers

19th February 2019

If you are planning on travelling to the US, we recommend you choose a destination that is rich in music history, and still known for its music today. Our travel expert Fiona loves visiting destinations that are famous for sweet sounds. Here is her list of the top 10 US cities for music lovers.

Austin, Texas

top 10 US cities for music lovers

Austin, Texas, is known as the “Live Music Capital of the World”. This amazing city is home to a wide array of bars and restaurants that love to showcase live music. Acts like Janis Joplin, Stevie Ray Vaughan all originate from Austin. Sit back, eat the best BBQ you have ever tasted, and enjoy this city’s music in one of its many cool venues.

New Orleans, Louisiana

When one thinks of Jazz and Blues, they think of New Orleans. In fact, this city is the birthplace of Jazz, which was created here in the early 20th century. As a result, music is an integral part of this city’s culture. From street musicians to funeral bands (yes, you heard us right!), you won’t be able to walk around without touching something of historical significance. Head over to Bourbon Street for some exciting performances by up-and-coming artists and a buzzing nightlife scene.

  1. New York City, New York

  2. top 10 US cities for music lovers
  3. From impromptu gigs in Central Park, to hip-hop in the Bronx, and even the lights of Old Broadway – there is a music scene in New York City for just about anyone. Musicians such as Lady Gaga, Kiss and Madonna all originate from New York. Be sure to visit musical hotspots such as Madison Square Garden and Radio City Music Hall during your holiday.
  4. Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville is home to country and western music, and institutions such as the Grand Ole Opry. Acts like Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton all got their starts in the music scene here, and that’s just the start of a very long list. This city is so rich in music history that there was even a wildly successful show about it called “Nashville”. Make sure you check out the Bluebird Cafe if you ever find yourself roaming these city streets.

Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis is the birthplace of Rock & Roll. The music scene of Memphis has coined musicians such as Elvis Presley, B.B King and Justin Timberlake. If you are looking or some of the best live music venues in America, head down to Beale Street. This is the city’s most iconic street, packed with performances encompassing various musical genres.

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is also an epicenter for Jazz and Blues, hence the nickname “Chicago Blues”. However, in recent years the music scene has evolved to so much more than that. If you are into music festivals, check out Lollapalooza. It is perhaps Chicago’s largest and most well known-music festival. Thousands of people attend each year from all over the world to listen to a diverse line-up of performers.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

US Cities for music lovers


Minneapolis may be recognised as the birthplace of its most famous musician, Prince. However, it is also home to a strong rap, Indie rock and hip-hop scene. Known as the “midwestern hot spot” for music, this city offers live performances all year round in famous venues such as The Cabooze and 7th St. Entry.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle gained recognition in the music scene in the early 1990’s when it was infiltrated by “grunge music”. Bands such as Pearl Jam and Nirvana put this city on the world stage for its major role in launching Indie and Alternative music acts. To this day, it is a haven for concert goers and lovers of live acts. Be sure to check out the Museum of Pop Culture for an informative trip down memory lane.

Detroit, Michigan

Visitors to Detroit need to brush up on their knowledge of Motown sound, because this city gave birth to it. Motown is both a genre of music, and a highly successful music label that dominated the charts in the 1960’s. Artists such as Stevie Wonder, The Supremes and the Temptations all cut records on the Motown label. Be sure to visit the Motown Museum for a complete history lesson on this interesting time in music history. Detroit is also well-known as the hometown of rap superstar, Eminem and the setting for the movie ‘8 Mile’.

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta is one of the most fascinating music capitals in the world. It is a place with a wide array of talent. The city itself is home to over 300 recording studios and The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media – a music college that has helped thousands of students launch their music careers.

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By Fiona Kelly

Travel Expert

Favourite Destination: Memphis is one of my favourite cities as there is plenty of things to do and see. I visited Beale Street, home of the blues, which has dozens of bars and clubs with live music. From there we visited the famous Graceland - the home of the late great Elvis Presley. The Civil Rights museum is also another must see. My highlight though was the Memphis Zoo, it was a great for a day out and I then was able to wind down with a River Boat cruise down the Mississippi.

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