Tulum Ruins with Akumal Beach Snorkelling from Cancun

A visit to the Mayan ruins dotted around the Yucatan Peninsula is one of the tops things to do in Cancun. Akumal Beach promises clear waters, warm seas and the opportunity to swim with turtles. Combining beach snorkelling at Akumal with this visit to Tulum is one of the most popular day trips from Cancun.

Tulum Ruins

Your full day trip starts with collection from your hotel in Cancun. You’ll have the opportunity to swim at a Cenote on the way to Tulum. These unique natural wonders are formed when the limestone bedrock collapses and exposes groundwater underneath, clear and blue, the water is ideal for swimming in. The Mayan Ruins at Tulum date from the 13th to 15th centuries and offer an attractive alternative to Chichen Itza. Tulum is so much more accessible from Cancun. The Tulum ruins are very well preserved and tours are informative and engaging.

Akumal Beach Snorkelling

You’ll then head for Akumal Beach and some snorkelling. Akumal is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Yucatan Peninsula. You can start snorkelling straight away as the water is so clear, shallow and teeming with sea life. The most notable of the marine life at Akumal Beach are the turtles, you will have to opportunity to swim with them under the guide of a conservation and diving expert.