Boston Thanksgiving

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Boston Thanksgiving
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Historic Charm of Boston

This holiday brings you to Boston, one of America’s oldest cities, steeped in history yet lively and youthful thanks to a vibrant student population. Here you’ll be celebrating one of America’s most traditional holidays, Thanksgiving!

Discover Boston, one of America’s oldest cities, blending rich history with youthful energy from its vibrant student population. Celebrate Thanksgiving amidst the city’s pride, where the past meets the future seamlessly. Boston’s compact layout, featuring historic monuments, modern skyscrapers, and bohemian neighborhoods, invites exploration on foot. Wander through Boston Common, the oldest park in America, and embark on the Freedom Trail, unraveling 16 historic sites linked to the American Revolution.




Exploring Cambridge

Just across the Charles River lies Cambridge, home to renowned universities like Harvard and MIT. Dive into the trendy bars, hip cafes, and eclectic shops lining the streets of Cambridge. Experience the intellectual aura at Harvard Square, stroll through the historic Harvard campus, or delve into archaeology at the Peabody Museum. Whether in Boston or Cambridge, immerse yourself in the diverse experiences awaiting your discovery.

Whatever mood you’re in, Boston never disappoints! Talk to our Personal Travel Planners and explore this remarkable city by yourself.

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