Luxury – “a state of great comfort, usually a delicacy, a refinement of living rather than a necessity”.
We all need a bit of luxury once in a while, a reward, a treat, a break from the norm. Something memorable to mark a special milestone. No queues, no crowds, you will have the comfort of privacy and priority. And all doors are open. You turn left when you board a plane. You walk through the barrier as the rope is opened. Or your car door is opened as your chauffeur pulls up and stops at the Ritz-Carlton New York Central Park. Or the St Regis. Something ending in Astoria. Maybe you’d rather trundle through the Rocky Mountains while sipping champagne, or up the gangway aboard a six star cruise liner heading towards the tropical embrace of the Caribbean. How about a reviving foot massage in your own private ranch following a serene wander through one of North America’s national parks. Whatever luxury means to you, we can have contacts to make it happen and the knowhow to make it unforgettable.


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    Las Vegas, Los Angeles & San Francisco Luxury Stay

    This luxury three-stop-hop is the perfect way to experience some of America’s most iconic cities
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    Deluxe West Coast Air Adventure by Seaplane

    What better way to travel down the West Coast of Canada than by Seaplane?
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    Explorer Collection in Ontario

    Get the best out of a visit to Ontario, Canada while visiting three of the most popular areas.
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    Explorer Collection in the Rocky Mountains

    Perfectly Luxurious...Perfectly Hospitable...Perfectly Indulgent
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    Luxury Las Vegas Stay with Breakfast in the Grand Canyon

    Las Vegas is a destination that people are drawn to celebrate a special event in their lives and Valentine’s Day is...
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    Fogo Island Newfoundland Adventure

    Filled with unique cultural heritage, beautiful scenery and natural surroundings, Fogo Island is unique - infused wit...
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