Toronto or Vancouver - Where to stay?

November 20th

Toronto or Vancouver - Where to stay?

Toronto or Vancouver – where to stay?

A holiday to Canada presents many options for amazing places to stay. Many first-time visitors to Canada have the same dilemma when planning their first trip – Toronto or Vancouver – where to stay? These amazing cities each have a unique appeal, with incredible settings. They both offer a vast range of exciting things to do on your holiday to Canada. So, Toronto or Vancouver? Here are some details from our travel expert Stephen to help you choose.

Holidays to Toronto

Toronto is a city of soaring skyscrapers and quirky neighbourhoods, each with its own unique character, just waiting to be explored. Holidays to Toronto are the perfect blend of city break, cultural experience and outdoor activities. Toronto has some of the best arts and entertainment attractions in the world. It is also the perfect base to visit some of Canada’s top visitor attractions such as Niagara Falls, Lake Ontario and the beautiful Canadian countryside.

toronto or vancouver - skyline

Holidays to Vancouver

Vancouver is set against the breath-taking backdrop of the Salish Sea and the Coast Mountains. It is a thoroughly modern city, one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Canada. Holidays to Vancouver offer an array of activities and attractions to experience, Visit Stanley Park, explore the incredible example of urban renewal that is Granville Island, go whale watching or take a day trip to Whistler Mountain. There is no shortage of things to do in Vancouver to suits all tastes.


Toronto or Vancouver– Ask the Experts

Planning your holiday to Canada and wondering if you should stay in Toronto or Vancouver? Speak to one of our expert travel advisors, they will help you to choose the best holiday to Canada to suit your particular tastes. Whether that means Toronto or Vancouver is up to you! Give us a call today.



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By Linda Collins

Personal Travel Planner

Favourite Destination: Vancouver

I love spending time in Vancouver, there is just so much to do no matter what your interests are. My top tips for a holiday to Vancouver would include the Capilano Suspension Bridge, a whale watching tour and you can’t beat Gastown for the food and drink scene! Planning a trip to Vancouver? I highly recommend adding on another couple of nights elsewhere in British Columbia during your stay such as Whistler, Victoria or Vancouver Island, especially if you love outdoor adventure!