Back Bay, Boston

As one of the oldest settlements in the USA and the largest city in New England, Boston has plenty of historic culture. Yet with over 50 colleges and universities situated in the greater Boston area there is a youthful vibrancy that adds a totally different dimension to the historic charm of the city.

Cambridge lies across the Charles River and is the largest college town in the world, synonymous with Harvard University, founded in 1638. The neat ivy-covered brick buildings of the university grounds, as well as the labyrinth of twisting streets in Boston centre and the historical buildings in the old-world neighbourhoods are best explored on foot. Boston refers to itself as the 'Walking City' and is a remarkably compact city that is centred on the country's oldest public park, Boston Common. The Information Centre in Boston Common is the starting point for two of the city's main attractions, which are in fact walking tours. The Freedom Trail explores the city's revolutionary past and the birth of the modern American Republic, while the Black Heritage Trail highlights Boston's place in black American history and its role in anti-slavery.

Boston is an easy blend of historic charm and modern conveniences, with a busy street life and beautiful architecture, green parks and gardens, skyscrapers and modern freeways, museums, galleries and colonial churches. Boston is home to the first public library, the first public school and the first subway system in the US; it is the site of the Boston Tea Party that started the Revolutionary War, and is the location of the Cheers bar, made famous by the popular TV sitcom . Boston is also the city from whence both planes that crashed into the World Trade Centre on September 11th, 2001 originated, and many of those who died were local residents, a tragedy that thus hit the city particularly hard.

Staff Tip

“My favorite description of Boston is the ‘City of Couture and Canolli’. With pop up restaurants, pastry shops and street cars serving nose you will roll home from Boston but with a smile on your face! Should you feel the need to do something sporting but not too strenuous the ‘Fenway Park’ tour (home of the Boston Red Sox) is always a winner!
If you find yourself in the city on a hot Summers day, stroll through Boston Common and dip your toes into the Frog Pond – and if you’re visiting during the winter months, then try your hand at skating on it instead!”

Shona Byrne, Boston

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Boston is one of America’s oldest cities and is home to dozens of colleges and universities and thus offers visitors a combination of rich history and youthful energy that is hard to find...