Vegas & Miami Stay + Western Caribbean Cruise

4 NIGHTS Las Vegas • 3 NIGHTS Miami • 7 NIGHT Cruise

Fly into Las Vegas and explore the magnificent casinos and hotels along the Strip, the famous heart of this vibrant city. See the incredible fountain display at the Bellagio, a Volcano erupt at the Mirage or take a gondola ride at the Mirage. There are lots of great day trips that you can do from Las Vegas. Experience the natural wonder that is the Grand Canyon, try some adventure activities in Red Rock Canyon, relax and unwind at Lake Mead National Recreation Area and or visit the Hoover Dam, all are within easy reach of Las Vegas.

After the thrills and excitement of Las Vegas, the next stop on your holiday is Miami, famous for its Art Deco architecture and South Beach, the ‘American Riviera’. There is so much to see and do in Miami, explore the sultry neighbourhood of Little Havana, home to a large Cuban community. Hang out with the trendsetters in Coconut Grove, or join the sun lovers on one of Miami’s famous white sandy beaches. Miami nightlife is sophisticated and varied. The South Beach streets team with clubs and bars, the Design District and Coconut Grove are also hot spots for partygoers.

MSC Seaside will be the first ship in the MSC Cruises’ fleet to be christened in the United States, sailing in the Caribbean year-round from Miami’s Port starting in December 2017.
and offers a unique cruise experience in total connection with the sea, with connecting inside and outside public spaces. A unique waterfront promenade wraps right around the 323-metre ship, offering a panoply of places to shop, eat and sunbathe while panoramic lifts provide breath-taking sea views. In addition, MSC Seaside will offer one of the largest and most interactive Aquapark at Sea. She will be the first cruise ship to feature Slide boarding technology, combining a slide and an interactive game that is the cutting edge of water park technology ensuring unrivalled fun for all ages!

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What's Included

  • All Flights Included
  • 4 NIGHTS 3* Excalibur Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas
  • 3 NIGHTS 4* Marriott Miami Biscayne Bay
  • 7 NIGHT Cruise on board MSC Seaside
  • Travelling September 2018 - Based on 2 Sharing
  • We can offer you the flexibility of combining any USA City with a Cruise Holiday
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Staff Tips

Las Vegas-Want something different to a Cirque de soleil show, head to the best adult show in Vegas – Absinthe in Caesars Palace. It is a circus style spectacular that combines old world burlesque with raunchy comedy.

Fiona Fitzgerald

Travel Expert

Miami-NAOE is THE Japanese restaurant in Miami. Very tiny. Chef's choice-only and reservation-only. Fresh hinoki slab counter and only 3 tables.

Linda Collins

Travel Expert

This brand new ship offers one of the most advanced and interactive Aquaparks at Sea, featuring Slide boarding technology, combining a slide and an interactive game, that is the cutting edge of water park technology, ensuring unrivalled fun for all ages.
To unwind, take a stroll along the incredible waterfront promenade, which wraps the whole way around the ship for breaktaking views of the ocean.

Stephen Dalton

Travel Expert

Your Adventure...

Las Vegas Stay
Las Vegas Stay
Las Vegas Stay
Las Vegas Stay
Miami Stay
Miami Stay
Miami Stay
Ocho Rios
Georgetown (Grand Cayman)
  • 01
    Sep, 2018
    Day 1 Las Vegas Stay
  • 02
    Sep, 2018
    Day 2 Las Vegas Stay
  • 03
    Sep, 2018
    Day 3 Las Vegas Stay
  • 04
    Sep, 2018
    Day 4 Las Vegas Stay
  • 05
    Sep, 2018
    Day 5 Miami Stay
  • 06
    Sep, 2018
    Day 6 Miami Stay
  • 07
    Sep, 2018
    Day 7 Miami Stay
  • 08
    Sep, 2018
    Day 8 Miami
    Arrive at 2018-09-08 00:00
    Depart at 2018-09-08 19:00
  • 09
    Sep, 2018
    Day 9 At Sea
    Arrive at 2018-09-09 00:00
    Depart at 2018-09-09 00:00
  • 10
    Sep, 2018
    Day 10 Ocho Rios
    Arrive at 2018-09-10 11:00
    Depart at 2018-09-10 17:00
    Third largest island of the Caribbean, Ocho Rios; you can take part in exotic and exploratory excursions.
  • 11
    Sep, 2018
    Day 11 Georgetown (Grand Cayman)
    Arrive at 2018-09-11 09:00
    Depart at 2018-09-11 16:00
    Grand Cayman is the largest of the Cayman Islands with an area of 76 square miles and a population of around 30,000. It is known around the world for its famous Seven Mile Beach. For early birds, an early morning walk along the beach is a wonderful experience. The beaches of Grand Cayman are spectacular and are enjoyed by thousands of visitors each year. The island economy is heavily dependent on tourism, with as much of 75% of the island's GDP being tourist generated. Aside from numerous beaches, there are many attractions on the island. Grand Cayman and the Caymans in general are very well known for their diving and snorkelling. The island features many reefs and walls, some of which can be accessed by swimming from shore.
  • 12
    Sep, 2018
    Day 12 Cozumel
    Arrive at 2018-09-12 10:00
    Depart at 2018-09-12 18:00
    Cozumel is Mexico's largest island, nestled just 12 miles off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. Cozumel measures 28 miles long & 10 miles wide, and is world renown for its dazzling white sandy beaches and the remarkable clarity of the multi-hued azure Caribbean ocean in which it rests. The climate is subtropical & the people native to Cozumel are of Mayan descent.
  • 13
    Sep, 2018
    Day 13 At Sea
    Arrive at 2018-09-13 00:00
    Depart at 2018-09-13 00:00
  • 14
    Sep, 2018
    Day 14 Nassau
    Arrive at 2018-09-14 10:00
    Depart at 2018-09-14 18:00
    The port of Nassau is located in the northeastern part of the island of New Providence. The island is flat, covered by pine-tree woods, lakes and swamps. In the North there are wonderful beaches, tourist ports, golf courses and many other venues for leisure and free time. There is also a chain of hills, which reach the maximum height of 41 metres. Nassau is the capital city and is an important centre of international finance and it also hosts conferences at world level. Prized for its sheltered harbour, the city made history and preserved it beautifully in Victorian mansions, cathedrals, 18th-century fortresses and a Queen's Staircase whose 66 steps lead to a view not to be missed. Nassau is home to weather-beaten, ancient forts; elegant, noble architecture; and fine local and international crafts and goods, from handmade lengths of batik to Rolex watches. An abundance of posh resort hotels, casinos, cabaret shows, and cruise ship docks make Nassau a vibrant centre for entertainment as well as commerce.
  • 15
    Sep, 2018
    Day 15 Miami
    Arrive at 2018-09-15 07:00
    Depart at 2018-09-15 00:00

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