Culinary Delights of the Deep South

Culinary Delights of the Deep South

The Deep South is one of the must visit culinary destinations in the world. From the traditional crispy fried chicken that’s taken the world by storm to biscuits and gravy and barbecue, the Deep South has it all.

Explore the culinary delights of the Deep South with American Holidays to discover why this foodie destination is an absolute must.


Tennessee - Grilled SmokeTennessee is home to some of the best Southern comfort foods around, with the food reflecting the culmination of sensational flavours from a range of cultures, making the food here a true culinary delight.

You can’t mention a Tennessee holiday without barbecue, the US state is known for its mouthwatering, melt in your mouth meat festivities. What makes barbecue such fun is that each region has its own style. Like, Memphis is known for its pulled pork sandwiches and racks of mammoth dry rub ribs, slow cooked to perfection. Then you get the different flavours. Eastern Tennessee prefers a tomato base, while western Tennessee is all about the tang of vinegar, each region offering a tantalising twist to this favourite Deep South dish.

Country ham is another Tennessee favourite, with the state proudly serving it with most breakfast dishes, thinly sliced to perfection. It is often served alongside a southern staple, biscuits and gravy. The biscuits are similar to a UK scone and served with a delectable gravy made from sausages, a true Deep South start to the day.

To take in the most of what Tennessee has to offer, the American Holidays’ Tennessee Discovery Road Trip takes you to some of the must visit destinations, including Nashville, Pigeon Forge, Chattanooga, Huntsville, and Memphis, allowing you to get a taste of the best Deep South cuisine along the way.


Kentucky fried chicken wingsThey don’t call it Kentucky fried chicken for nothing. The home of delectable crispy fried chicken, this is an absolute must while visiting Kentucky. But it’s not all you have to look forward to. Since Kentucky is so close to Tennessee, you can enjoy most of the above delights, with a few extras to look forward to.

The Hot Brown is a classic Kentucky dish, created by the Brown Hotel in Louisville. Consisting of Mornay sauce covered bacon and turkey on an open sandwich baked to perfection, this is a Kentucky classic and a must try on your Deep South holiday.

While technically not a food, bourbon has long been a staple in Kentucky cuisine. Kentucky bourbon whisky is made from corn and stored in charred oak barrels, giving it its famous taste that you’ll find throughout the state in desserts and sauces. But Kentucky bourbon is also a must try just on its own. With many distilleries throughout the state, you’ll be spoilt for choice, with each adding its unique twist to the famous beverage.

The infamous mint julep cocktail served at the Kentucky Derby is made up of the finest bourbon, water, sugar, and fresh mint, a true Kentucky pastime that you’ll find throughout the state. Another Derby classic is the Derby Pie, similar to a pecan pie, this delectable dessert is also made with bourbon.

For the true south experience, with everything music and foodie focused, the American Holidays’ Bluegrass & Bourbon Trail Fly Drive offers the ultimate experience, taking you through Memphis, Muscle Shoals, Gatlinburg, Lexington, Louisville, and Nashville. The best part? You can go at your own pace, taking in the best of each region.


Louisiana traditional creole cajun court bouillon fishLouisiana is home to some seriously delectable cuisine that will send your taste buds on a journey of discovery. From Caribbean and French to Spanish and African, Louisiana is a melting pot of flavours that we can’t get enough of.

Jambalaya is an iconic Louisiana dish. Made in a single pot, Jambalaya generally has a rice base, accompanied by a range of proteins, including shrimp, chicken, and sausage. The unique blend of flavours is all brought together with peppers, traditional spices, and tomatoes.

If you’ve ever watched Disney’s Princess and the Frog, you know that Gumbo is an absolute staple in this neck of the woods. This hearty stew made with onions, peppers, okra, and seriously seasoned meat or shellfish, is a one pot wonder that will have you dreaming of this Louisiana favourite.

Most dishes in Louisiana come in two variations, Creole or Cajan. Generally, the Creole variation will hold more of a tomato flavour. But both Gumbo and Jambalaya are made with different spices and proteins in each region, making finding your favourite part of the fun.

Once the savoury feasts are done, it’s time to sink your teeth into a traditional Louisiana sweet treat, the infamous Beignet. A deep fried doughnut, dusted to perfection with powdered sugar. This is the perfect after lunch treat, before heading out on your Louisiana adventures.

For a taste of the best Louisiana has to offer, American Holidays’ American Rhythms Fly Drive offers the perfect road trip to explore some of what this sensational region has to offer. From magical music filling the air to Creole cuisine that will send your taste buds on a journey of their own, this is the best of the Deep South in all its glory.


Alabama southern fried fish plateFood in Alabama is deeply rooted in southern comfort cuisine delights. From delectable barbecue and pork chops to crispy catfish and the ever popular fried green tomatoes. The flavours are influenced by African, Native American, and European cooking, meaning you’re sure to find something right up your alley in the food department.

No Alabama holiday is complete without trying some delectable catfish. As one of the largest producers of catfish in America, Alabama is sure to knock your socks off with its variations of this Deep South classic. This breaded and deep fried delight is an absolute must try while on holiday in Alabama.

While barbecue is also a must in the Deep South, Alabama is popular for its unique take on the dish. White barbecue sauce is the key, made with vinegar, mayonnaise, and pepper, generally served with smoked barbecue chicken. Don’t forget to leave enough space for the classic peach cobbler, an Alabama favourite.

For a chance to experience some of the best of the Deep South, Alabama included, American Holidays’ Deep South Discovery Escorted Tour offers a nine-day journey showcasing the highlights of the region. Discover cultural treasures in Atlanta, Charleston, Savannah, Montgomery, and lively New Orleans. From leisurely boat rides along the Mississippi River to history hunting in some of the most historic sites in American history, the tour is a must for those looking to discover more in one amazing Deep South holiday.

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I first visited ‘Music City’ Nashville 15 years ago and having been back a few times over the last couple of years I cannot believe how much it has changed! I love all the music history to be found in Nashville, the lively nightlife and the historical sites. There is lots of new development in Nashville as it is a real up and coming destination but all the development harks back to the city’s history with lots of speakeasy bars and honky tonks to keep the original look and feel of the city.