Las Vegas Casinos

November 10th 2017

Las Vegas is famous for its casinos and night life. According to the Nevada Gaming Commission there are over 172 casinos in Clarke County (the County Las Vegas is located in) and over 40 within a one-mile radius of the famous Las Vegas Strip. If you are going on holidays to Vegas, you’ll more than likely be planning to visit one or two casinos during your stay. So which casinos are worth seeing and what suggestions out of the ordinary can our travel experts make?

Famous Casinos in Las Vegas

There are several famous casinos in Las Vegas. Caesar’s Palace is the original Las Vegas casino in terms of setting the benchmark for what enticed crowds to flock to Sin City. It is as popular today as it was in the 1960’s when it was built. The Bellagio has one excellent casino and is most famous for its water fountains that spurt out water in time to music. The Venetian is a large spacious casino, famous for its fairly accurate recreation of popular landmarks from the city of Venice.

Venetian Casino Las Vegas

Casinos at the Mirage and the MGM Grande featured in the famous Las Vegas heist movie Ocean’s Eleven. The Mirage and the MGM Grande are both part of the MGM Resorts International Group. The Mirage has a poker room, game tables and of course slot machines. The MGM Grand is famous as a hot spot for Texas Hold’em Poker.

Something with an Irish Flavour


If you are looking for a smaller casino, somewhere the locals might go, then O’Shea’s might be the place for you.  O’Shea’s is famous for excellent live music, most notably the live bands that play nightly. O’Shea’s is not difficult to locate, it’s on The Strip, part of the Linq Resort. It is open 24hours a day so there is always some fun to be had.

Popular Las Vegas Casino

The casino at New York New York is often described as a little different.  The atmosphere is very friendly and lots of fun.  It might be the on-site rollercoaster that has visitors in such high spirits. It’s an extra rush of adrenaline. There are lots of games and tables on offer and very little waiting to be done, just relax and enjoy.

Las Vegas Travel Experts

If you are planning a Las Vegas Holiday, speak to an American Holidays travel expert, we have first-hand experience of the best hotels, attractions, entertainment and casinos in Las Vegas. We have lots of great Las Vegas holiday deals and will help find the perfect holiday package for you. We’ll also give you expert advice on what to see and do when you get there.  Call us now.

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By Angel Chua

Personal Travel Planner

Favourite Destination: My best experience was a trip to The Grand Canyon which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It is best combined with a holiday to Las Vegas. Nature’s most incredible creation alongside one of man’s most exciting cities. I would recommend a 5-7 day trip to Las Vegas and taking a couple of days out in the middle to witness this phenomenon of nature before returning to soak up the manmade wonders of Las Vegas famous strip.